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Let’s Talk About Sex!

Sex. It’s everywhere! It’s on TV, movies, the internet, magazines. And yet, for many couples, sex remains somewhat a mystery. Many couples enter into sexual relationships assuming that their sex lives will be like

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Sleeping Together

Before I got married, I had a lot of people offer me warnings: “You’ll probably fight a lot more,” “There will be little things about him that annoy you” and so on. However, there

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Three Ways Emotional Suppression Hurts You

Could suppressing negative emotions actually harm relationships more than help them? Holding back, reducing, or inhibiting ongoing emotions is known in the research world as “emotional suppression.” And we’ve all experienced emotional suppression. If

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Butting Out of Your Relationship

“I love you, but you’re being ridiculous right now.” “I’m sorry you’re hurt, but what I said was true.” “I shouldn’t have done that, but you shouldn’t have said what you did.” All three

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