Relate helps couples understand and improve their most important relationship

Relate helps couples understand and improve their most important relationship

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The #1 Validated & Researched Relationship assessment in the world

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The Relationship Evaluation Questionnaire (RELATE) is specifically designed to help guide you and your partner to have meaningful discussions about criteria proven to affect relationship satisfaction. Identifying trouble spots and common ground using RELATE often helps people determine whether to continue, deepen, or end the relationship.

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Who is RELATE for?

You should take RELATE if you are in a committed relationship, whether that be married, dating or anything in between. RELATE is a great tool to evaluate your relationship, whether you are deciding whether to stay together, or simply want to make sure you are making each other as happy as possible, RELATE can help!

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What does RELATE include?

RELATE offers an examination of 10 major aspects of relationship wellness. The report includes discussion questions and online resources to help you and your partner have meaningful discussions about your relationship

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While there are thousands of relationship quizzes online, RELATE is one of only a handful that are researched backed. Data shows that just the act of taking RELATE improves relationships. We have helped over 100,000 thousand couples grow happier in their relationships.

Your report is a comprehensive, personalized summary that includes:

• Graphs illustrating how you and your partner rated yourselves in eight areas of personality.
• Reflections on your attitudes toward roles, sex, children, religion, and more
• Insights on how your childhood experiences, from parental happiness to conflict resolution, have shaped your relationship style
• Identification of problem areas, from power issues to money issues and more
• Identification of your strengths as a couple
• Suggestions for improving your relationship and resources you can use to start productive discussions