Relate helps couples understand and improve their most important relationship

Relate helps couples
understand and improve their
most important relationship

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#1 Research Validated Relationship Assessment in the World

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The RELATE questionnaire is designed to help you and your partner have meaningful discussions about criteria proven to affect relational satisfaction, while identifying both common ground and trouble spots in the relationship. 
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Who is RELATE for?

Take RELATE if you are in a committed relationship of any kind. Whether you are  deciding whether to stay together, or simply want a “check up”, RELATE can help!

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What does RELATE include?

RELATE looks at 10 major aspects of relationship wellness. Your report includes discussion questions and online resources to help spark meaningful conversations

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We have helped over 100,000 couples improve their relationships. Data shows that just the act of taking RELATE yields positive results 

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It was a great starting point for discussing our relationship and how to improve it. It was also encouraging to see the places we are already successful.

– Jake & Hannah S.

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Relate covers topics such as

Conflict Resolution

Disagreements in a committed relationship aren't just common, but healthy, as long as they are approached in a healthy way.

Sexual Intimacy

How you and your partner approach sexual intimacy greatly impacts your relationship satisfaction

Anxiety and Depression

Relationships can have a big strain if one or both partners struggle with anxiety and depression

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Your report is a comprehensive, personalized summary that includes:

Graphs illustrating how you and your partner rated yourselves in eight areas of personality.
Reflections on your attitudes toward roles, sex, children, religion, and more.
Insights on how your childhood experiences have shaped your relationship style.
Identification of problem areas, from power issues to money issues and more.
Evaluation of your strengths as a couple and suggestions for improvement.
Resources you can use to start productive discussions.

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