Frequently Asked Questions

What RELATE is:

RELATE is a clinically validated assessment that helps you understand how factors in your family life, personality and values, and other factors affect your relationship quality. The assessment includes over 200 questions, after which you receive a detailed report to help you interpret your (and your partner’s) responses.

What RELATE isn’t: RELATE is not a compatibility test, or a love quiz, or a crystal ball that tries to predict the future of your relationship. You can’t “fail” RELATE, nor will we tell you to break up or stay together—only you can decide that. You can learn more about the Relate assessment here.

Benefits to taking RELATE include:

  • A better understanding of your personality characteristics, including emotional health, self-esteem, and flexibility
  • Insight into how your family environment and childhood may impact your later marital happiness
  • The ability to compare your relationship experiences with your partner’s- including speaking and listening skills, conflict resolution styles, defensiveness, and more
  • Understanding similarities and differences in values, including your views on gender roles, religion, togetherness, and more
  • Easy-to-read graphs and summaries that showcase your responses and your partner’s responses so you can quickly identify trouble areas and topics for further discussion
  • Interpretation suggestions and resources to help you take the next steps in improving your relationship
  •  You’ll start TALKING about your relationship, equipped with real data that makes a difference

Best of all, your RELATE report delivers reliable, validated results you and your partner can trust. The scales of RELATE have reliability scores between .70 and .90 for both internal consistency and test-retest calculations. Validity results are equally impressive, with educators, clinicians, and researchers alike supporting RELATE as a sound instrument for forecasting marital satisfaction. In short, the results RELATE delivers are correct. The weaknesses the questionnaire identifies are real, but so are their remedies. We’ll help you chart a course to a happier relationship.

RELATE stands apart from the field. It isn’t a silly love quiz like many you’ll find on the Internet. But it isn’t a complex, lengthy exam that requires a PhD to understand the questions and interpret the results.

Take RELATE because:

  • Questions are straightforward and easy to understand. You can complete the questionnaire in less than an hour. 
  • You’ll get real details to help make your relationship better—your personalized, RELATE report will include more than 20 pages and a dozen graphs comparing your responses with your partner’s. 
  • You don’t need a counselor to interpret results. Your report includes explanations and guidelines of what to do when you spot differences. If you already work with a counselor, our report can help them get a better understand of your relationship status. 
  • It’s secure and entirely online. Take a few questions now, then return and log in later. Your report is available immediately after you and/or your partner complete the questions.

You can take RELATE as a couple, or as a “single partner” (partner not participating). RELATE offers questions on more areas of marital quality than its two main competitors, and at a lower price. RELATE offers excellent relationship insights regardless of your marital status—currently dating, engaged, or already married.

Whether you are in a casual or serious relationship, just dating or already married, RELATE can help you understand your relationship and get you talking. Because it covers all of the factors that are predictive of later marital quality, RELATE works for:

  • People in serious dating relationships struggling with the decision to commit or break up
  • Engaged couples preparing for a lasting marriage
  • Newlyweds setting goals and learning to compromise
  • Married couples seeking to improve their relationship and understand their conflicts

If you are in a relationship, you can take RELATE alone, or have your partner participate as well. We highly recommend that both partners take the questionnaire to achieve best results. Not in a relationship right now? Find out if you’re READY for when the right person comes along. Learn more about the Foundation’s READY assessment for individuals not in a relationship.

The RELATE questionnaire is $25 per person, $40 if you buy the Couples Package.

The READY questionnaire is $25 per person.

All major credit cards accepted.

If you have a professional supervisor, you can use a coupon code they have purchased to take the assessment online via the Foundation’s secure server.

Your token will allow you to register with a username and password, valid until you have completed your assessment and received your report. Price includes the complete questionnaire, a full- report you can download and print from your printer, and technical support during your assessment. For questions regarding your questionnaire, e-mail support@relatefoundation.com

The RELATE report is a personalized report detailing all of you and your partner’s responses from the RELATE questionnaire. Each report is more than 20 pages long and includes more than a dozen easy-to-read bar graphs, guidelines for interpreting RELATE, and resources to help you improve your relationship.

See a sample report below.

See a sample RELATE report (PDF) now.

See a sample READY report (PDF) now.

The RELATE Foundation offers two evaluations: the RELATE assessment (for couples) and the READY assessment (for singles). You can read more about them on their respective pages.

If you need help interpreting your RELATE Report, contact us with what question you have. You can also take your finished report to any counselor and they can talk you through the changes they suggest you make for more relationship satisfaction.

No. All sales are final. Since you cannot physically return a RELATE or READY report, we do not give refunds. If you have technical questions or concerns about your RELATE or READY report, please contact us so we can help you resolve them.