Don't leave your marriage up to chance.

Prepare for Marital Success with RELATE

Couples who have completed some form of premarital counseling have a
30% increase increase in marital satisfaction compared to those who haven't

Take the RELATE Assessment to help ensure a healthy, strong relationship between you and your partner. This Assessment will give you the tools for a long lasting and happy marriage. It will assist in starting healthy conversations necessary for a strong start to your life together.

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Discover Strenghts & Weaknesses

The RELATE Assessment will give you insight into your strengths and areas to improve as a couple.
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Identify Expectations for Marriage

RELATE will help you understand you and your partner’s expectations moving forward in the relationship.

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Improve Conflict Resolution Skills

Learn how you and your partner can approach situations in a healthy way with RELATE.

I took Relate before I proposed to my wife, and it helped me feel confident to go forward with asking her to marry me!

– Kevin M.

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Your Relate Report will give you a detailed look at the following:

See a Sample Report Here

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