Learn how you can use RELATE in a professional setting

The #1 Validated & Researched Relationship assessment in the world

The Relationship Evaluation Questionnaire (RELATE) is specifically designed to help guide you and your partner to have meaningful discussions about criteria proven to affect relationship satisfaction. Identifying trouble spots and common ground using RELATE often helps people determine whether to continue, deepen, or end the relationship.


RELATE and READY are convenient tools suited for therapists and clergy working with individuals, couples, or small groups. The reports will facilitate early assessment, provide session focus, and thoroughly assist professionals in helping individuals and couples to better understand their most important personal relationship.


Educators can use the questionnaires with any class size. Professors report best results when students complete RELATE with a romantic partner or with a friend. The reports can be used to study the multifaceted nature of intimate relationships and to provide personal experience with those values and expectations students bring into their personal relationships.


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