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#1 Research Validated Relationship Assessment in the World

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We have shared a few research articles that tested the validity and usefulness of the RELATE assessment, both in personal use (couples only) and in professional settings (therapists, educators, clergy). Here are some of the highlights of the research:

• Just the act of taking the Relate Assessment has proven to show increased relationship satisfaction between couples.

• The comparative process used in Relate (How I see myself vs How my partner sees me) helps overcome the most serious limitation of survey instruments, reliance on self-report data.

• Understanding the results of the RELATE assessment is easier than similar relationship assessments.

• RELATE, clarifies perceptual differences between partners and their relationship.

• The delivery of Relate Assessment Results creates a natural desire to see how the partner scored themselves and each other on scales.

• The Relate Assessment is successful & liked with both men and women.

• Comprehensive questionnaires like Relate can efficiently identify protective factors, risk factors, and potential problem areas.

• The Relate Assessment increases awareness and fosters discussion, allowing couples to address relationship concerns proactively.

Relate Articles

The purpose of this article is to present the conceptual model underlying RELATE, a relationship evaluation instrument, and to describe how this instrument can be used by instructors, clinicians, and therapists.

This study assessed participant satisfaction with two interpretation formats and the effects of taking the RELATionship Evaluation (RELATE) on single young adults’ premarital relationships.

Three comprehensive premarital assessment questionnaires (PAQs) are described,evaluated on their psychometric characteristics,and compared.

The purpose of this research was to under- stand in greater detail, using 2 samples, how partner or self-enhancement patterns differentially influence relationship outcomes.

Factor analyses of data from 400 students who completed the adjective section of the Relate relationship evaluation and similar descriptors from the measure of the “big five” factors of personality by Digman and Inouye indicated that all of the “big five” measures, surgency, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness, can be assessed as part of the Relate assessment.

Although intergenerational transmission processes have been studied on various aspects of family life, cross-cultural comparisons have rarely been made. In the present study, the authors examine how intergenerational transmission processes on relationship satisfaction differ between individuals with different gender and cultural identities.

Testimonials from Professionals that have used Relate:

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I like RELATE because it’s not so secretive. They can interpret it themselves or with the person who is working with them as a counselor, a marital educator, or a clergy.

RELATE seems to hit all the areas that have been drawn out by research that are predictive of relationship satisfaction.

The best thing about RELATE is the simplicity and the com- pleteness of it. It provides opportunities for couples to really think about and assess themselves in the areas that affect relationships.