Are you ready for a committed relationship?


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#1 Research Validated Relationship Assessment in the World

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Ready helps individuals prepare for love by evaluating past behaviors and identifying potential trouble
spots in future relationships. The Ready report can help you determine whether you are ready to be in a committed relationship and what areas you can personally work on to increase your chances for success in future relationships.

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Who is READY for?

READY assists individuals in evaluating their readiness for a future, successful relationship. If you are single, or in a new relationship, and want to be prepared for your future relationships to be successful, READY will help you know where to start. 


What does READY include?

READY will walk you through questions about your past (family background), your present (emotional readiness) and how you see your future (marriage outlook). Your report includes a breakdown of 20 different sections to help you have a clear idea of your readiness for your next relationship.

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READY asks the questions that will help you prepare for your future. Our ready assessment is used by multiple institutions with a focus on preparing individuals for relationship success. It is backed by 40 years of research, while also looking at new studies focused on mental health, such as anxiety and depression.

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Your report is a comprehensive, personalized summary that includes:

Graphs illustrating how you rated yourself in different areas of your personality.
Reflections on your attitudes toward roles, sex, children, religion, and more.
Insights on how your childhood experiences have shaped your relationship style.
Identification of potential problem areas, from power issues to money issues and more.
Resources you can use to start preparing yourself for your next relationship.

See a Sample Report Here

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Before taking the ready assessment, dating and marriage pretty much terrified me. The assessment helped me understand myself so much better, and clarified the strengths and weaknesses I brought to a relationship. It gave me concrete areas in which I could improve, which helped me face my fears and move forward with confidence and anticipation.

– Kara A.

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