Are you ready for a committed relationship?

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The #1 Validated & Researched Relationship assessment in the world

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Ready helps individuals prepare for love by evaluating past behaviors and identifying potential trouble
spots in future relationships.
The READY Report can help you determine whether you are ready to be in a committed relationship and what areas you can personally work on to increase your chances for success in future relationships.

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Who is READY for?

READY was developed to assist individuals who are not currently in a committed relationship evaluate their readiness for a future relationship. The questionnaire takes about ½ hour to complete, and the READY report is available instantly once you have completed the questionnaire.


What does READY include?

READY features almost 200 questions focused on the four major areas influencing relationship satisfaction: personality/values, family and friend support, communication skills, and background. After completing READY online, you’ll receive a downloadable/printable READY report.

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Your report is a comprehensive, personalized summary that includes:

• Graphs illustrating how you rated yourself in different areas of your personality.
• Reflections on your attitudes toward roles, sex, children, religion, and more
• Insights on how your childhood experiences, from parental happiness to conflict resolution, have shaped your relationship style
• Identification of potential problem areas, from power issues to money issues and more
• Resources you can use to start preparing yourself for your next relationship