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Why am I still single?

It seems like everyone except me is in a happy relationship. I’ve tried online dating, being set up by family and friends, and I have to wonder why am I still single?

Am I normal?

I have been in relationships in the past, but just haven’t met “the one”. Am I attracting the wrong people? Am I not emotionally available? Am I normal?

Why do I feel this way?

I feel doomed like I am going to be single forever. I worry I am not good enough, or worthy of a healthy relationship. Why do I feel this way?

Am I depressed?

I feel like I am ready for a relationship, but sometimes my doubts take over. Are these emotions normal or am I depressed?

Ready helps individuals answer their deepest questions about relationship readiness.

Learn more about why you’re single based on your mental health, family background, conflict resolution, and more.

Discover why it hasn’t worked out in the past, and if your previous experiences are impacting your future.

Prepare for lasting love. Learn more about yourself and how you can be a better relationship partner.

"Before taking the ready assessment, dating and marriage pretty much terrified me. The assessment helped me understand myself so much better, and clarified the strengths and weaknesses I brought to a relationship. It gave me concrete areas in which I could improve, which helped me face my fears and move forward with confidence and anticipation."

– Kara A.

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