We loved the charts that showed us our strengths and compatible areas. The areas where we needed to talk helped us in our dating to know what we needed to talk about. We had conversations after this from the prompts that helped us feel better prepared. We continued those conversations over the next months and it brought us closer. We were able to discuss needful items in a productive way. We felt like we knew where we needed to talk and leaned on where we were strong. Ultimately, we learned how to talk more openly and this built a strong friendship in addition to the love we felt. We decided to get married. It has been wonderful so far and the patterns of communication we have learned strengthened our marriage! Thank you!

– Josh & Amanda

The Relate Assessment helped me realize what kinds of interactions were healthy between my husband and I and which were not. It was a good eye opener for our relationship!

– Leslie G.

The assessment helped me understand myself so much better, and clarified the strengths and weaknesses I brought to a relationship

– Kara A.

The best thing about RELATE is the simplicity and the completeness of it. It provides opportunities for couples to really think about and assess themselves in the areas that affect relationships.

– Professor Przybyla